La Rocca

At a short distance from Pieve di Cerreto, the remains of Rocca di Cerreto, or Fort Cerreto, are situated atop a rocky outcrop and have a perfectly an oblong shape. They are preserved on the north, east and west sides, while the south side, facing the ancient church of Santa Maria della Rocca, outside the fort, has completely disappeared.

At the end of the 14th century or at the beginning of the 15th century several machicolations were added (today you can see only two) along the eastern side of the fortification. In the 13th century, at the highest point of the area, a round tower was also placed, not massive but certainly robust, probably to guard the only entrance.

The Fortalice

The first mention of the fortification of Cerreto, which for many years was one of the main strongholds of the Suffredinghi family, was in 1122. The fortress was partially demolished by the armies of Lucca who had gathered to quell the revolt of the lords of the valley against the growing power of the City of Lucca. The fortress, after being rebuilt, was again conquered in 1220. The Suffredinghi family left the scene altogether only seven years later when the castle settlement was finally demolished and the fortress was demilitarized and converted for civil use. The site was fortified again, probably towards the end of the 14th century, because of its tactical importance. From then on, however, it did not have any active role in the defence of the valley.


La Rocca, panoramic view
La Rocca, bell tower
La Rocca, view
La Rocca, bell-tower side view