Parish Church of Cerreto

The small village of Pieve di Cerreto, originally two separate settlements known as 'Cerreto' and 'Pieve di Cerreto', still preserves its medieval appearance. Cobblestoned narrow streets and alleys lead to the Church of Saint John the Baptist, which was built around 1660 and houses a statue of the Madonna with Child, dating from the 15th century.

Pieve di Cerreto

The first documentation of a Baptist church in Cerreto originates from a document of 995, where it is mentioned as "Domini et Salvatoris et S. Fridiani SJ et Baptiste" of Mozzano and it appeared again in the agricultural valuations of the Diocese of Lucca in 1260. The church began to show the first signs of decay as early as the 13th century, probably as a result of the weakening of the power of the noble Suffredinghi family. Following their defeat at the hands of Lucca, the noble house was in fact deprived of certain fortresses, among them that of Mozzano. Due to a lack of pastoral visits over the following years, the church became neglected and abandoned until the late sixteenth century when it was finally replaced by the lower church of Cerreto that took its dedication.

The small building is preserved today in its medieval form, with an apse finely decorated with hanging arches and a steeple distinguished by its arch, under which passes the old path.


Parish of Cerreto, church with bell-tower
Parish Church of Cerreto, crenellated bell-tower
Parish Church of Cerreto, exterior view of apse