Orecchiella Nature Park

The Orecchiella Nature Park is located on the Apennine side of the Garfagnana and covers a vast protected area, divided into three nature reserves managed by the State Forestry: Orecchiella, the Pania di Corfino and Lama Rossa.

Tours depart from the Visitor Centre - an essential reference point for the park - which in addition to the reception services, hosts the Nature Museum and the Birds of Prey Museum. The trails meander through various routes with different degrees of difficulty and offer the chance to enjoy magnificent views and explore the natural environment of the Apennine observing wildlife (wolves, bears, wild boars, deer, mouflons, hawks and eagles) and local flora.

A visit to the Botanical Garden of Pania di Corfino is certainly not to be forgotten, a charming and colourful place for admiring typical mountain flowers and plants.


Orecchiella Nature Park, Orecchiella park visitor centre