In the footsteps of the Countess Matilde

Matilde di Canossa personally possessed many estates in Garfagnana and the Serchio Middle Valley. Thus for centuries long there were numerous disputes over the inheritance of the countess.
According to legend, on 6th August, Matilde, in the company of her retinue, was about to cross the Pradarena Pass when an impetuous storm of rain and hail hit the procession with such violence as to endanger the life of all. The Countess entrusted the situation to God, promising that if he saved her then she would erect a shelter for all pilgrims and travellers transiting through those lands. Since Matilde’s prayers were answered, she kept her word and founded two hospitals, one of which, present in Sillano, was dedicated to Saint Sixtus, while the other was built in the territory of Reggio Emilia.

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