Castle of Fosciandora

The town of Fosciandora is located on the south-western slope of Mount Grotta Pentorino, between the valley of Fosso di Rimonio and that of Rio Fosciandora and not too far from other settlements such as Ceserana, Treppignana, Lupinaia and Riana. The view enjoyed from this location is quite panoramic and encompasses much of the Serchio Valley and, in particular, the fortified towns were once established on slopes along the right bank of the Serchio, from Gallicano until Palleroso.
Preserved in the old centre are several parts of the surrounding wall that defended a small cluster of houses, more like a fortress than a real castle. Also surviving until today is a rather large tower with a quadrangular base dating from the late 16th century and two entrances to the village to the north and the south.

Historical notes
Historical information concerning Fosciandora is particularly scarce and suggests that, during the Middle Ages, this area was mainly dedicated to agricultural and pastoral activities of aims and was perhaps sparsely populated.
Fosciandora does not appear in the Statute of the City of Lucca of 1308, which listed communities that were to attend the procession of the Holy Cross as an act of submission. Throughout the fourteenth century, this community does not seem to appear in either civil or ecclesiastical documents.


Castle of Fosciandora, access entrance
Castle of Fosciandora, panoramic view