Castle of Fiattone

The small town of Fiattone is perched atop an outcrop of Mount Comunale and overlooks the Serchio river.
Studies of the surviving medieval constructions have affirmed that originally in Fiattone there was a kind of fortification with a simple defensive wall and a tower placed in a dominant position. Today, only a few parts of the wall once encircling the settlement are conserved, as well as the two entrances, one to the west, the “Ponente”, and one to the east, the “Levante”.

Historical notes
Historical sources cited the locality “loco Flactuni” for the first time in a document of 952, in which the settlement of Fiattone was included among those under the parish of Fosciana.
The parochial church dedicated to Saint Peter, and later also to St. Paul, was mentioned in 1168, when the Papal Bull of Alexander III ratified the dependence of the church under the parish of Fosciana. The church was built in the mid-12th century with a stone-clad bell-tower.
Fiattone, at the centre of battles between the City of Lucca and the House of Este, was permanently assigned to the Lucchese Vicariate of Gallicano in 1451 and since then suffered the same fate as that administrative district. The castle is also mentioned in the chronicles of Sercambi, who states that the fort was in need of constant maintenance and adequate supplies.


Castle of Fiattone, tower
Castle of Fiattone, tower