Documental Centre of Barga

Valle del Serchio. Più vicino a te

The idea for a Documentation Centre on the fortifications of the Valle del Serchio first arose because of the increasing cultural, historical, architectural and tourist interest that these sites are generating in the light of the overall restoration project of historical monuments called the "Cultural Basin of the Valle del Serchio", initially created thanks to the contribution of Arcus s.p.a.

Indeed, the ARCUS project was prompted by the awareness that fortifications and fortified towns are at the core of the valley’s development, originating with the area's history and creating its own unique culture, history and tourism.

This is the reason not only for the need to restore and enhance the individual sites but also to rebuild and reconstitute a widespread network of monuments investigating and emphasising the role of these structures as closely connected with the events of the territory, as well as the strictly architectural aspects. The aim is to rebuild and reconstitute the integrity of the artistic and historical heritage of the fortresses and fortified towns, focusing as well on less well-known and more scattered features that are often unique of their kind.

The multimedia Museum located under the arches of the Volta dei Menchi in Barga is designed to be a reference point for research and study of the phenomena in the Valle del Serchio and therefore:

• A Research and Documentation Centre
• A centre of educational interest and technological innovation
• A virtual hub for the collection of material and specific documentation
• A place for meetings and cultural exchange

As regards the communication and preparation of the databases that form the nucleus both for the paper guides of the site and the multimedia museum, the first part of the work was assigned to the companies Space spa and Pomilio Blumm. This phase concerned the provision of the historical, literary, touristic, architectural and digital material that will form the basis for the creation of the tourist circuit of towers and fortifications in the Valle del Serchio and the provision of an executive project for the creation of a virtual museum with interactive installations, video installations, settings and performances on the subject of the fortresses and fortifications of the Valle.

In order to create the multimedia and interactive content, an agreement was reached with Pisa University (Department of Civilisation and Forms of Knowledge, Interdisciplinary Centre for research and communication services) to award research grants to young people who have newly graduated in specific disciplines, to be commissioned to draw up the basic, bilingual, multimedia product required for the full operation of at least the first room.

We envisage a museum that grows and develops year upon year, young people collaborating in its creation, with rooms as educational tools but also for the promotion of tourism. Our challenge is nothing less than creating an accessible, multipurpose virtual space in the service of the entire valley.

The museum can be visited by appointment
telefono 334.167.21.50
single tickets 3 euros
guided tours and didactic labs are available

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