Valle del Serchio is a land of incalculable beauty, located along the course of the river Serchio. Discovering this territory, which the poet Giovanni Pascoli defined as the “valley of beauty and goodness”, means being immersed in a unique landscape rich in art, culture and a thousand years of tradition that survives today in the customs and practices of the local communities.

Fortresses, ancient towns, churches and medieval bridges; once defensive bastions, theatres of epic battles and heroic deeds, they are today jewel boxes of evocation, intrigues and legends, the chosen destination of an unforgettable journey through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in the search of a glorious past full of fascination.

The Rolandinghi Family

The Rolandinghi were one of the most robust and powerful family clans, deeply rooted in ...

The Suffredinghi Family

The Suffredinghi were one of the noble houses that played an active role in the ...

The Castles of Bishops & Rural Lords

It is rather difficult to distinguish between major and minor nobility in Garfagnana, as throughout ...